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Facing Your Doubts

As you proceed toward higher consciousness you will very likely have periods of doubt. Doubt can be a good sign or it can be very harmful, depending on how you deal with the consequences of your doubt. Certainly the road to higher consciousness is no place for the naive. An observant and discriminating mind is not only helpful, it's essential. Otherwise, you'll believe anything! You will misinterpret your experiences and make so many mistakes that you'll become extremely confused and turn your life off into some trip of fantasy, complete with super-high beings and also a goodly number of hobgoblins.

Some of the definitions of doubt are:

  • an inclination to disbelief
  • (as a transitive verb) to be uncertain about; to question; to feel distrust of
  • to have a lack of conviction; a lack of trust or confidence
  • to be in a condition of uncertainty
  • (obsolete) apprehension or fear

The word doubt comes from the Latin dubitare, "to waver in opinion."

As you proceed toward higher consciousness, you are growing, your life is changing. Set values are being updated and reinforced, while some which prove unworthy of you are being discarded. Thus, it is a normal matter to find yourself at times "wavering in opinion." To be unchanging in your opinion is a sign that you are very likely allowing some deep emotional convictions to dominate you; and your mind is not being given its chance to evaluate, ponder, and develop a new set of concepts which will enable you to better understand the process you are going through.


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