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Transcendental Consciousness

Removing the Veils

By means of transcendental consciousness you can make your mind, emotions, and ego-sense subtle enough to experience your higher consciousness and your true nature. In transcendental consciousness you become able to concentrate your mind at progressively higher levels. You will find that your consciousness seems to have many veils. These veils distort your perceptions of life. Through transcendental consciousness you are able to remove one veil, then another, then another, then another, until your perception of life and reality is perfectly clear and ever so enthralling. You will likely come to the conclusion that in normal mental, emotional, and egoic consciousness you are misperceiving everything. That is, compared to the perspectives of your higher consciousness, your regular view of life is very partial, limited, and often distorted.

Another way of considering transcendental consciousness is that you have habitually directed your awareness outward to be particularly aware of the physical universe and in order to do this you have used the grossest, or densest, level of your psyche. You have needed to use numerous veils in order to maintain the awareness that the physical world alone is real. Ignoring higher consciousness, spirit, and the conscious energy which maintain the universe, you have lost out on many invaluable perspectives, opportunities, and an all-important sense of wholeness of unity and harmony in your life and world.

Those who have mastered the subject of transcendental consciousness liken its development to the progressive freeing of the individual from the prison of delusion or misconception. That is, as you remove the veils through which you are perceiving your world, one by one, you will find that you are increasingly aware of a more subtle identity. You are also aware of awesome calmness, ecstasy, and insight as you unveil your true self. Through transcendental consciousness, a state of liberation or perfect freedom, truth, and majestic well being results.

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