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Transcendental Consciousness

Objects of Meditation

As you remove the veils of your consciousness and approach your true identity, you find that you can meditate on more and more subtle objects. Your initial practice of transcendental consciousness will likely be on a physical object which you gaze at with your calm eyes. Then, when you have perfected this ability to be perfectly aware of a physical object, you will be able to select an object a point of concentration and meditation within you. For example, it may be a light you behold in your forehead, or the movement of energy which you feel in your chest. This inner object (the light or the feeling) becomes more developed as you focus your mind more perfectly.

So, you will normally begin your development by concentrating on a gross external object and then on more refined and subtle inner objects. You proceed toward focusing on aspects of higher consciousness itself peace or wisdom, for example and beyond. With practice you can concentrate on the source of higher consciousness.

To experience transcendental consciousness one must understand, and achieve, its three main levels.

1 - Concentration 

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