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The Big Test

What To Do?

The attitude of prejudice works two ways, of course. People in other groups are likely prejudiced against any such group in which you may find yourself. Self-righteous attitudes boomerang almost every time, often resulting in concussions and the letting of blood on the streets. Who knows how much these blind attitudes cost in lost opportunities, economic security, and peace of mind? (Not to mention the harm group prejudice wreaks on world peace and loving practice of the world's religions.)

Ideally, as you become more conscious, you'll refuse to let the attitudes of others dominate your own thoughts and feelings. As you become more conscious you'll break free of the prejudices and unfounded views of others. Becoming free to think, to find out, and sincerely feel are important qualifications for superconsciousness.

You will need to be able to stay calm despite your companions' storms. Sympathize with your friends, of course. Strive to clarify the issues which bother them so intensely. Then help your companions to let go of their frenzy or take positive action toward a change in the trouble. As you develop, influence of your group's destructive attitudes prejudice, futility, chauvinism, etc. will progressively diminish.

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