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Seek Earnestly

You must earnestly seek the best means, the best way, to go from where you are this very moment toward realization of your higher consciousness. Just as choosing a career involves a lot of pressure because a bad choice can saddle you with years of misery or frustration, so too the correct selection of your particular path is crucial not only to your success but to your happiness along the way.

Curiously, however, as many ministers have observed, most people take more care investing one hundred dollars than they do investing their lives. People look more deeply into the security and investment of a small sum than in examining the crucial issues of personal security and fulfillment.

"The world is full of long-term seekers who are always beginning over again as they drift from one teacher to another. They drift from guru to master, from mystic center to ashram to pagoda, from one sect which claims it alone knows the truth to another sect which makes similar claims. These drifters never succeed. They're always starting. They never finish. They're called "tramps," and are a sad sight on the path. They're so numerous that you will meet many of them. You may probably wonder why they don't persist, why they don't go forward and succeed. Simply, they're refugees from their own private civil war. They have somehow been inwardly restrained from succeeding or fulfilling their quest.

Tramp Seekers 

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