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The Search

"When You Are Ready, Your Master Will Appear"

A friend of the author's from India related that as a young man he searched throughout his country in the hope he would find a true Guru who would initiate him and help him realize higher consciousness. Unfortunately, all he found were fakes interested only in his money and, after a few years, he abandoned the search. Later, when he was doing engineering work and other activities in the San Francisco area, he found his Guru, who quickly helped him realize higher consciousness. His Guru was from India and had been living only fifty miles from my friend's home in Bombay!

You will often hear the phrase that "When you are ready, the master will appear." If, as you begin your quest, you do not find a capable and worthy teacher who lives what he teaches and practices what he preaches, then look to your readiness. You are probably not ready. It is a law: When you are ready, your master will appear.

What’s My Path? 

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