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Mystical Awakening

More Meaning In Life

In your reverence for life you find that life itself is like a two-edged sword. If you use your life in a negative way you can hurt someone; but, inevitably you too will find yourself cut ó perhaps not by the person you hurt but by some other precise means. The cuts come back, each and every one, in detail. Evil returns suffering; good returns good.

You also discover that your increased awareness and reverence for life make profound changes in the way causes and effects act in your life. You become progressively free from negative experiences and revel in new causes.

Often formalized thought makes cause and effect a bizarre philosophy of punishment for being alive and a rationalization for every unfavorable occurrence. However, you will see cause and effect, in your awakening, as a creative process ó beautiful, exciting, just, and very helpful. Becoming more responsible for the condition of your life and attitudes, you take part in a regenerative process. You realize that a new life, one ever more to your liking, awaits you.

a waterfall near a mountains
In essence, as your awakening begins you will very likely perceive more meaning and purpose in your life. You will become more fulfilled and able to accomplish your goals as you see a relationship between cause and effect, between your ideas (and feelings) and events in the outer world. You now know that your good returns good, that being evil is cosmically stupid.

But you have even more to experience. The days and years of awakening and enlightenment rush toward you. The five stages of mental/emotional quickening in higher consciousness beckon you to new discoveries. Dawn has come! Letís begin!


I am free to generate new causes and change my world.


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