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Mystical Awakening

Cause and Effect Insight

Being appreciative of life you understand it more clearly. Your reverence for life gives you deeper levels of wisdom and more opportunities for fulfillment.

Another excellent sign of your awakening is your heightened awareness of cause and effect. You see that the events of your life are the results of causes. You recognize that what happens to you each day is not based on random, irrational fates. Rather, your thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions most significantly cause and influence your personal experiences of life. While some events in your life remain perplexing and inexplicable, more often than not you can understand why other people and life in general treat you the way they do. You gain the insight which enables you to examine your good experiences and create (cause) more of them.

Further, you stop ignoring your bad experiences if you are truly awakening. Whenever something painful or otherwise negative happens to you, you seek an insight about what caused such an unpleasant effect. Then, in your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, you strive to cause a preferred effect, a more satisfying and ideal result.

You notice the good you do for people, or for the world in general, comes back to you in kind not necessarily directly from the people you helped but by some perceptible means your "good returns good" to you.

You see harm, or evil either in thought, feeling, word, or action often comes back to its originator.

Each day you appreciatively watch cause and effect relationships going back and forth, on and on, in simple or complex combinations. No longer does life seem to have no rhyme and reason, or seem absurd as many existentialists regularly exclaim.

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