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Universal Self

You Are a Part of All Living Things

Suddenly, in a mellow way, before you notice it and have time to comprehend this great phenomenon, you will no longer feel confined to your body. You will feel that in this vast good will you have dropped off your small sense of self. You will feel to put it simply you are a part of all living things.

Or, you may suddenly realize there is one life, one sustaining life, which not only sustains your individual life but the lives of other people and all living things. In this expanded state of good will you perceive that you are consciousness. Further, you are the same consciousness that abides in and sustains the lives of others.

You are experiencing the sublime Universal Self in the essence of your stillness. You feel that you are working through all hands, seeing through all eyes. You feel your life is beating in all hearts, you are laughing through all throats, crying through all sorrows, dancing in everyone.


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