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The Big Test

The Killer of Young Devotees

While it would be pleasing to report this young man's devotion to his ideal ultimately saved the group, welding it into a harmonious gathering again, the super-verbal ones actually left the group after several weeks and the more humble ones became strong friends.

Yes, companionship can steal your mind away. It can make you insensitive to love and your potential. But, on the other hand, companionship can flower and blossom into lifelong friendships and much mutual accomplishment.

Enough said about the killer of young devotees: negative companionship which so strongly influences your moods, attitudes, actions, and your future. For the sake of your aspirations and your happiness in life, seek constructive companions. Be alert when associating with negative or self-destructive people; don't let them bowl you over mentally or emotionally.

Subtle Companions 

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