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Choose Your Future

Live In Higher Consciousness

As you progress in your development of higher consciousness, a special day will come when, through your experience and realization, your state of higher consciousness will become continuous. Higher consciousness will not be a place that you go to for encouragement, wisdom, or inner power. Instead, you will be so intimate with the higher consciousness that you will live in it. You will be aware of it night and day.

Your doubt and disbelief that higher consciousness exists, or that it is good, will be suspended. Higher consciousness will prove itself so thoroughly beneficial and helpful that you will enter a delightful state of being. You will feel that you were as if dead in those days prior to your life in higher consciousness. The numbness, the ignorance, the frustrations and agonies of unattuned life will fall away gradually as you discover your new life and serve to create a better world.

You will live in a natural, ongoing state of higher consciousness filled with ever-new joy and continually refreshing, helpful insights. You will sense, with great humility, that you consciously live in the presence of your Creator. You will no longer block or sabotage your own prospects for fulfillment.

Keep in mind that higher consciousness generally does not require a great outward change in your career or relationships unless they are destructive. Basically, higher consciousness makes a huge change in you. It starts with you and your life as it is, here and now, radiating benefits into your entire life situation. You will discover life itself has been fulfilled within you the primary goal of your life has been accomplished and the adventure of enlightenment begins.

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