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Agonies & Ecstasies

Ecstasies That Vanish

Thereís another form of agony which is important: the ecstasies that donít last. At times, especially in the life of the beginning and intermediate seeker, there is splendid life-enrichment. Your being is flooded with rapture and joy. You feel you could live in this rush of delight forever. Every phase of your life improves. But then, inexplicably, your precious ecstasy dies down and withdraws. Nothing you can do brings it back. You feel bereft. The ecstasy, the wonder of life, the sense of harmony, the fresh perceptions, vanish. You feel stranded, more than a little lost.

The main reasons your ecstasies come and go are:

  1. Your nerves are not developed enough to maintain such an intense level of awareness.

  2. You have not balanced your life to enable the momentum of your ecstasy to continue.

  3. You have been preoccupied in other areas, so your life force has been redirected from an ecstatic state into the other activities that you have now focused on ó your heart is where your treasure is.

  4. Your body or health has been run down, perhaps due to fatigue or overwork, and due to this overextension, your body and nerves can no longer maintain the high level of energy which is involved in ecstatic states.

All in all, as a devoted seeker of higher consciousness you find yourself in an incomparable position. Not only can you experience ecstasies which transcend all other joys; your agonies are extremely beneficial, too. Your agonies can develop your character and understanding, guiding you toward your sublime goals.

But there is much more to be learned: the two great techniques that deal with all the agonies and which will increase the duration and beauty of your ecstasies, two priceless skills that will further change your life!



Somehow, again and again, I delude myself that I know what Iím doing. I limit myself and oppose, with my unenlightened will, the mystery of my awakening. Therefore, once more I remind myself to love, to respond, and to receive.


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