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What is Your Greatest Treasure?

What do you have a right to expect from your higher consciousness?

If you make the effort and refuse to fool yourself with fantasies, you will begin to find four priceless faculties within yourself. As these faculties become more instantly available to your attuned mind and heart, they will prove themselves to be your finest assets.

Not only do these four initial capacities of your higher consciousness have great value in themselves, they will be extremely useful in helping you create the life you yearn for. Many of the old goals which you failed to achieve can, if you find this consciousness inside you, be realized pleasantly. Still, higher consciousness is itself so thrilling and presents such a satisfying dimension to life that several old goals will no longer seem important to you. Rather, you will begin to perceive greater possibilities within yourself.

Let's consider the four delightful capacities of your higher consciousness. Keep in mind, as you read, the importance not only of having these faculties within your easy reach every day, reflect also what these four wondrous capacities can bring into manifestation for you as you allow yourself a superconscious way of doing things.

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