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The Six Planes

6 Creative Mind

You are now tempted and rather severely tested. The question is: Whose will is to be done in your life?

You realize that you could probably direct your energy to heal people, to create millions of dollars for yourself, or to benefit yourself in some other particularly handsome way. You could become quite famous. You very likely could be considered a saint and a great one. Probably you could develop occult powers and read minds or project your astral body to distant places. You could predict the future very likely. In fact, at times you seem not to be able to keep yourself from knowing what's on another person's mind or from being very "lucky" in your career world.

It's a difficult time, in fact. You don't know to what extent you should use your higher consciousness to benefit yourself or others. After all, there are so many needy people in the world! You may feel like a pitiless monster or an arrogant scrooge if you don't use all of your higher consciousness to help those who are suffering or who are less fortunate than you are.

These trials often send people back out on the road away from higher consciousness. It's amazing, but even having experienced so much of the higher consciousness many aspirants, at this point, get the opinion they are now empowered to play God and it is their calling to run about the planet using their higher powers to zap and influence people and situations. "After all," they ask, "did we get this higher power, this higher consciousness, only to do nothing with it?"

This series of trials may go on for ten, twenty years, or a lifetime. It's a state easy to talk about, but hard to deal with when one is in the testing and tempting phase. Many fail. Many decide that they are authorized and empowered to run about playing God.

However, those who appreciate the higher consciousness do not have much of a problem. They simply seek the wisdom and guidance of their higher consciousness about what they should do next. They know it is only by the power of the higher consciousness they progressed from one level to the next. They recall it's only due to an inspired sense of need for the higher consciousness that they ever began the path. It's only the grace of the higher consciousness and the Lord within that has enabled them in any way to stay on the path. For such devotees it's quite simple. They submit themselves to the higher consciousness and seek its will. They don't want to do their own individual will. They've observed that many times in their lives when they've tried to use their limited thought, insight, and power they often hurt themselves or others. Such aspirants seek, through their gratitude and appreciation of the higher consciousness, to attune their personal will with the higher will with the wisdom of the higher consciousness which they have learned to love and trust.

And so they go past the many hurdles and precipices that other seekers find difficult to deal with. These seekers of the higher will are blessed to be trained, through life, to attune more and more readily with the higher will. They learn how to recognize it, how to distinguish between the higher will and their old-fashioned, less adept will. They find the higher will is easily revealed and expressed through them. This alignment of one's being with the higher consciousness brings immense satisfaction and a sense of being a sharer in the ongoing creativity of this universe.

These wise aspirants seek to humbly, through their prayer and meditative life, further the act of creation, further the expression of goodness, in their daily lives. They feel no conflict between their personal will and the higher will because they have completely submitted their personal will to the higher will. They seek to live in attunement. As some saints say, "I am the instrument. You, 0 Lord, are the operator of this instrument."

These are but the mere beginning levels of enlightenment. After these basic tests and triumphs there are ever-new and ever-more delightful experiences in store. There is no limit to the adventure and the reward of intimacy with your higher consciousness and your Creator.


I was as if dead; now, I am alive!


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